AID Festival area in WUR Campus. Photo credit: Yoon.

Annual Introduction Days at WUR

As you may know, I moved to Wageningen in mid-August, eager to start a new chapter of my academic life. Although lectures officially started in the first week of September, there was something special and unique – the Annual Introduction Days, commonly known as AID.

AID: your passport to Wageningen’s Student Life

The AID is an immersive week-long event, actually 6 days, where you get the opportunity to explore sports associations, student associations, and the lively social scene. All this while you’re getting to know your new friends and the ins and outs of Wageningen University!🤩 From an invigorating sports day to a wonderful cultural night, passing through pub crawls and singalongs. Adding an open-air movie night, a campus day and a study day where you get along with your new peers.

Cultural night in Wageningen town centre.
Cultural night in Wageningen town centre.
Open-air movie night in Torckpark, Wageningen.
Open-air movie night in Torckpark, Wageningen.

A festival area was built in the middle of the campus, where we had an amazing time and ended our AID journey with a truly Dutch festival experience!🕺🏽🪩 And to top it all off, every day we got a delicious vegetarian brunch and dinner, ensuring our energy levels ⚡️ Moreover, AID takes place not only on the university campus but also in the city centre, providing invaluable insights into this new university life. Last but not least, every night more than ten different engaging events and gatherings take place in the diverse student associations, ensuring a great time for all!

AID Family – A tapestry of global connection 🗺️

My AID group during Sports Day at WUR.
My AID group during Sports Day at WUR.

The AID group was as diverse as the itinerary itself. I found myself surrounded by an incredible group of individuals, each with their own unique stories and backgrounds. From the Netherlands to far-flung corners of the world, we found each other in a mix of perspectives and experiences. Generally, you are able to experience the AID with a group of 10-15 students accompanied by 2 mentors. If you are an exchange you will be placed in the same group with at least another exchange student. A special mention must go to my two AID moms, or mentors, who brought an extra layer of guidance and warmth to this already memorable experience 💖 I am profoundly thankful for the opportunity to have met such a remarkable group of people 🥰

AID’s Transformative impact

When the week came to an end, I could not think about the profound impact of AID. It turned a group of strangers into a tight-knit family, bound by shared adventures and a collective excitement for what lay ahead. It turned the exciting feeling of being a tourist in a new place into the confident and marvelous feeling of being a local. I confidentially say that AID has been so far one of the most enriching experiences of my exchange journey! However, it’s also true that’s only the beginning 🤭

Arriving in Wageningen for the second semester? No fear! AID takes place also in February, offering the same amazing opportunity to jump into this dynamic and welcoming community.

Until next time! Have a nice week 🥰


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